Jesus' definition of the church was rather simple: 

"Where two or three are gathered in my Name, I am with you..." 

With this amazing statement, Jesus signals the coming of a new age of the kingdom of heaven on earth. This kingdom is not limited to a specific place and time, but it is to be unleashed in the home, the neighborhood, the marketplace, etc. We do church where life is being lived.

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Current series: 


It is easy to be a critic. It takes little effort to go negative. It can feel like a drug rush to point out the flaws, failures and foibles of other people. Most ominously, it can become a habit that is difficult to break. The path of negativity which runs through our minds is familiar and well worn - an easy stroll. Moreover, in a world so adept and vicious with its curses, it seems only prudent to be skilled with these dark arts of hell. Yet, it should go without saying that if we spread the seeds of harmful discourse we will reap the whirlwind of an endless stream of murmurs, whispers, one-upmanship, offenses, petty vanities and the like. Christians are in no way inured against such darkness.

Heaven offers an alternative. For the next season of our teaching, we are going to explore the command of our Lord to bless. I promise that this teaching will be painful! However, the pay-off - if all goes well - has the potential to change the course of our lives, our families, our jobs, our resources, our cities, our nation and even the world. Hey, why should darkness have the all the fun? Thus, we begin 2018 with: BENEDICTUS.

INCIPIENS SERIES (Latin: Beginnings)

We began 2016 with a new series entitled: Incipiens, which is the Latin word for Beginnings. The text upon which we will draw for this series is the Book of Acts, or more properly, The Acts of the Apostles. My hope is that as we pause for a season and study the foundations of the New Testament Church, we will come away both inspired and challenged. I have a profound belief that our God does not change - He is the same yesterday, today and forever. I also believe that He loves His people - His church - every bit as much as He loved the early church. With those beliefs comes the great hope that God will do again, in our time, what He did a couple of thousand years ago in the formative years of the church. This will be a verse by verse study of the Book of Acts, so I encourage you to pack your Bible as we unpack the text!

ANIMUS SERIES (Latin: Courage!)

"Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point, which means, at the point of highest reality. A chastity or honesty or mercy which yields to danger will be chaste or honest or merciful only on conditions. Pilate was merciful till it became risky.” - C.S. Lewis

The reason C.S. Lewis placed such a high value on courage as a chief virtue is that, absent courage, none of the other virtues have a chance to work as they should. It takes courage to truly love, to genuinely forgive, to have faith, to change, to bless our antagonists, to share our faith, to be a parent, a spouse, and to generously give of our time, treasure and talent. 

The title for  this series was: Animus, which comes from an Old Latin word that means “courage.” As the historic Christian faith enters the challenging headwinds of cultural resistance – we will discover that the Scriptures have much to teach us in respect to “animus.”    

Previous Series: CREDIMUS (Latin: We Believe!)

During this series, we explored the historic Christian faith in the context of a culture that has moved rapidly away from God for all the wrong reasons! This series was designed to engage the issue of science and faith and to pursue the notion that they are not in conflict. Throughout the series we gave consideration to the scientific, philosophical and theological ideas surrounding our existence. What we discovered was a weight of understanding that matches rather nicely recent scientific discoveries. 


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Where is Patrick Crossing Church located? 

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