About Us

Our Purpose:

We are working on building good and lasting foundations for Patrick Crossing. Our goal is to have a ministry that reflects the New Testament value of every member participating in Kingdom life. Jesus commissions His church to be His eyes, hands, feet, and lips to a hurting world. Pub Church focuses on each of us learning to sense God’s activity in our daily lives. There is much the Father wishes to accomplish through each of us. We want to become people that regularly experience the power and presence of God in our daily lives causing us to be generous with His love at work, at home and at play.

Keeping It Simple:

One of the reasons we do church in a “simple” way is so that our people will have more time to devote to their community. Oftentimes, church life can become all consuming as we become wrapped up in our own programs and meetings, so much so that the surrounding community receives little attention. Our purpose, with simple structure, is to invite our people to invest time and resources into the community in such a way that we live out the joys of God’s kingdom in the world.

Church Defined:

  • Living out a relationship with the Jesus in the ordinary, daily rhythms of life.
  • Being Christ’s hands, eyes, ears, heart and voice in the places where people live, play and work.
  • Not being dependent upon facilities or elaborate control structures in order to be fruitful.
  • Trusting the real and living presence of Christ to guide and provide.
  • Living out our faith in close relationships that place a high value on encouragement, accountability, and the sharing and receiving of one another’s giftedness.

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