More Than The Box

So, we’re to get it in gear in respect to grace. It’s not merely a past tense event. While we’re to refresh our minds and hearts to our place at the cross by the taking of the bread and the cup, grace compels us towards being the Christian we’ve become.

The verse we mentioned yesterday gives to us our life’s memo: But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. ~2 Peter 3:18.  The word in the Greek for grow is: αὐξάνω(au-ksä’-nō) which means, “to cause to grow, to create favorable conditions for growth, to augment.”  That’s on us. We’re back to hammering away on the word effort. While grace is indeed a free gift, it doesn’t open itself. It must be unwrapped.

It’s like the wee lad I had on my lap yesterday – my two year old Grandson, Leon. It was his second birthday and he was surrounded by a surfeit of gifts. He seemed thrilled to just take it all in – for every child, from time immemorial – has been as enamored of the box as with the contents. They think the wrapping an end in itself. Likewise, believers are often guilty of playing with the box while oblivious to the treasure within.

The thing about grace is that it unfolds as a lifelong gift, something new each and every day. And, as the verse mentions, grace is paired with a knowledge of Jesus. To know grace is to know him. To know him is to know grace. And to know him and to know grace requires an awakening of our imaginations. His is not some pedagogical system of dry, religious prescriptions. His was a life that was lived in the fullness of joy and gracious purpose. That’s where grace will lead us. Tomorrow we’ll have a go at how we can learn to awaken our imaginations to the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus. He has given us an abundance of brain cells. It’s time to put a few of those to use.