A Simple Question

Eating breakfast with a formerly dead man was unnerving, especially when that formerly dead man happened to be the chef de jour. Ghosts are scary – even ghosts of former loved ones. And these lads had admitted to a belief in spectral spirits. This resurrection business definitely had a phantasmal feel to it. Jesus appeared and disappeared at a whim. Prior to his death, he had seemed relatively normal. Granted, he would nonchalantly perform miracles from time to time, but even with those, he remained unpretentious, disarming and matter of fact. If anyone could make a miracle seem normal, Jesus had done just that.

And here he was once more doing something incredibly ordinary. He had cooked breakfast for the crew and had sat down to eat with them. It seemed a rather unexceptional way to pass the time for one who had recently conquered death. Now he was making the resurrected life appear…normal. The conversation was less than lively as they puzzled over this man whom they had known as flesh and blood and had watched as his blood poured forth in death. He was no ghost. They could touch him. They could see him. And here he was, peacefully gazing out upon the water and munching the catch of the day. The silence was very loud.

They ate until they were full and then they sat. They were so used to instructions, for some bit of action. What was the lesson being taught here? What was going on in this grand mind – this mind that they were slowly coming to believe had thought up the universe and all it contains? The silence was finally interrupted with a question – not to the entire group, but to just one – the denier; the one who had recently gained a loathing for the sound of roosters announcing the new day: When they had finished eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?” ~John 21:15 It was game on. Peter was cornered…on a beach. He would now lock eyes with the one whom he had betrayed. The restoration had begun.