The Blessing Entrepreneur

It is difficult for a legalist to bless others for the simple reason that their main interest is on score-keeping. In other words, they wish to quantify just how much and just how far they are to go in order that some imaginary box might be checked. Many have successfully eased their conscience by merely writing a check or showing up to cook pancakes for a local charity’s fundraiser. Others, astonishingly, feel that if they pull the lever for the correct political party they’ve completed the task of blessing others. In all of these a great violence is being done to grace, for grace knows no boundaries and never considers the cost. Moreover, grace is always situational and uncomfortably personal. We are to be about the task of blessing real people in real time. The law cannot empower, quantify or comprehend such a free-wheeling ethos. The law is always striving for completion, for tidying things up. Grace asks, “What’s next?”

I mention grace often. It’s the foundation for these writings. Grace is something I never take for granted. It is easily lost in a quantifiable world that demands both long-range planning and immediate results. One can be touched by grace but easily retreat into the law because the law claims to offer order and efficiency in the midst of chaos. But it’s a lie. What the law is really good at is creating more law, more bureaucracy, more nepotism and more territorialism.  The idea of blessing people is formed into a program or an agency and often the sustaining of those structures becomes an end in itself. Stories abound of camera mugging do-gooders living opulent lifestyles while distributing middling morsels for those they’re allegedly in business to serve.

Heaven is unimpressed with our global posturing but is greatly interested in our neighbor, how we shop for groceries, how we act at a little league game and how we treat a child. Heaven bows in hushed silence when a believer lifts above the fog of the daily grind and commits a spontaneous act of kindness or generosity – i.e. blesses someone. Heaven is in the blessing business. And the genius of Jesus is that it is not institutional and centralized, but entrepreneurial and dispersed. Today we have the opportunity to bless or be a blessing to someone. If you want to feel the power of heaven surging through your day then open your eyes and ears and jump in. There’s a never ending supply of people who need you today.